How to cool your desktop computer

How to cool your desktop computer

A computer desktop has a lot of components which tend to heat up to very high temperatures. Although the computer comes with installed fans they do not always cool it down. The overheating, however, can be contained depending on how you maintain your desktop. Keeping the computer cool is important since overheating can cause serious damages. All this can be avoided by good maintenance of ones computer. Below are various ways you can keep your computer cool. With most of them being very much cost efficient.

1. Change your computer fan.
If your current fan does not seem to do the job it is advisable to get a better upgrade fan. The fan will cool your computer faster and more effectively. A larger fan will always be a good option since it keeps the computer cooler than the already installed ones. One of the most important component in your desktop is the CPU . Always make sure the CPU fan is working at its optimal, this will prevent your computer from getting damaged.  Here is how to change your CPU fan.

2. Keep your desktop in an open space.

A good air flow is very important when it comes to maintaining the computer temperature. You should keep the desktop in an open space where it cools easily. Make sure there are no obstacles around it especially where the fans are located. This will cool the computer better as compared to just allowing the fans to do all the work in a closed space.
3. Keep your computer clean.
A desktop gathers a lot of dirt especially if it is placed near the ground. You should not ignore the fact that the computer should be cleaned to ensure it works efficiently. Most of the times when the fan slows down dirt is the common cause. Cleaning the internal fans will speed up it up. You just need to turn off the computer, open up the casing and find the location of the fans to clean. One fan is around the CPU, the other is inside the power supply and another behind the case.
4.Install a water cooling kit.
This may seem absurd but actually a water cooling kit can be installed . The water kit works in a way that it absorbs heat from the components of the desktop. Cycle of the water makes sure the computer is regularly cooled down.
These methods should be considered especially if you are aiming to increase the lifespan of your computer. Choose whichever best suits your computer.
DIY Or Hire A Professional For Computer Repairs?

DIY Or Hire A Professional For Computer Repairs?

Our computer systems are not meant to work forever. Every now and then, they will certainly develop faults that will require the services of a professional before they can be repaired. These repairs may range from minor issues such as changing or remedying the window related problems to the most complicated problems associated with hardware. No matter how careless or carefree we may think we are, we would have to take our computer systems for repairs one day and hence the need for guidance on how to choose the best professional for the job.

Computer problems are subdivided into two broad categories namely:

1. Software related faults:

These are faults generated during the running of the operating system and it may have serious effect on the
functioning of the computer system. This problem could arise as a result of a malware or tampering with the registry files. To correct such faults, you need the services of a certified software engineer.

2. Hardware related faults

These are faults resulting from the computer system accessories such as charging port, screen, keyboard and the motherboard. This category of faults requires the services of a hardware engineer.


There are a lot of people in the market parading themselves as hardware or software engineers. This set of individuals may not be qualified to handle your computer systems hence the need to carefully handpick the best
professional for the job.

When choosing the best professional computer engineer, there are several things that must be taken into cognizance if really you are interested in making your system better. These factors are listed below.

1. Certification

While taking your computer system for repairs, search for a certified professional. A certified computer engineer is most likely to be your best option when it comes to computer repairs. Search for a certified hardware or software engineer depending on the need at hand.

2. Recommendation

The best computer repair professional should come highly recommended. If you are looking for the best service,
consult with family and friends and obtain first hand information about the best person for the job.

3. Years of Experience

Experience matters in all aspect of life. This is not in any way saying the professional repair personnel should be into the repairs for several years. The more experienced a professional is in the field, the easier it will be for your needs to be met. Take a survey on the level of the professional’s experience before handing them the job.

Final Words

Hiring a professional for computer repairs comes with a lot of challenges most especially in the area of knowing the most qualified individual for the job. Take note of the criteria written above and you will surely hire a professional that you will be satisfied with.