How to Use a Dive Watch

How to Use a Dive Watch

A dive watch, also known as a diving watch is designed specifically in a way that it is suitable for diving underwater. The recommended suitable water resistance for a dive watch is over 1.0 MPa. This means that it can serve a diver to a depth of 330 feet. In the recent past, there are diving watches which have been designed for divers who can dive to a depth further than 330 feet, thanks to modern technology. If you desire to deep sea dive during summer, has a useful guide on how to use a dive watch, watches priced under $1000 as well as the requirements you need to look out for when purchasing one.

Requirements for Dive Watches as Per the ISO 6425 Standards.

The International Organization for Standardization has set the features and standards to regulate the quality of diver’s watches as per the ISO standard. Here is a list of requirements that every deep sea diver should look out for when purchasing a quarts or digital dive watch:

  • Clear minute markings which can be easily distinguished on the face of the watch.
  • Magnetic resistance whose accuracy remains at positive or negative 30 seconds per day. This should not be altered
    by the magnetic field.
  • Should have a unidirectional bezel which shows markings after 5 minutes elapse as well as a pre-select marker to
    indicate a minute marking.
  • Shock resistance
  • Fitted with an End of Life (EOL) which indicates low power in battery powered watches.
  • An indicator when he watch is operating in total darkness which is shown by a second hand which runs showing a luminous tail or tip.
  • Enough visibility even when operating in extreme darkness.
  • Strap solidity which is shown when no damage is caused to your dive watch when a 200 N force is applied on both attaching points.

How to Use a Dive Watch

Learning how to dive is hard. Probably in your mind you already have the mindset that using a dive watch to track the time you have been under water is equally difficult. You will be surprised that it is a piece of cake. Generally, a dive watch, whether scaled on unscaled is calibrated into 12 hours or 60 minutes. Its zero marker is usually a small triangle or circle which is luminous.

a) How to Track Elapsed Time

First turn the dive watch bezel and ensure that the zero marker is aligned to the minute hand. As time progresses, the minute hand will also move proportionally. This means that after you have dived for about 30 minutes, on the bezel scale your watch will indicate 30.

b) How to Keep Track of Remaining Time

If you had set your bottom time limit as 20 minutes, you will have to do some calculation by subtracting 20, the bottom time limit, from 60 which is the bezel scale calibration on your dive watch. Forty is the answer and so you will just have to turn the bezel such that the mark on the minute hand will read 40.

If you are aspiring to be a professional diver, I am sure that you can now not only purchase a perfectly working dive watch but also use it appropriately. You only need frequent practice and confidence to be an expert. Where you need clarification, feel free to make an inquiry and I will be glad to offer assistance.

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